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Wardrobe offer our mesmerizing range of occasional wear dresses, which are made from authentic & superior quality of raw material. These dresses are apt to be worn at all special occasions & are sure to add that extra spark to the personality of the wearer. Available with us at an affordable price, our occasional wear dresses are durable and long lasting in nature. We have a huge selection of special occasion dresses and pettiskirts in stock for immediate delivery including cheap flower girl dresses and child bridesmaid dresses for those on a budget as well as for last minute weddings as well as exquisite designer dresses, baby flower girl dresses to match older bridesmaids' dresses and first communion dresses so that there is something for everyone.

Ten tips in order to look taller and thinner

If you want to look skinner you don’t have to wear black clothes every day. Find out how is this possible by reading these ten tips. 

1. Choose monochromatic outfits and combine textures in an innovative way. It will standardize you look Avoid wearing deux-pieces costumes but try to combine textures and materials: you can match knitted work with leather or cotton. 

2. The raincoat or sack coat should contrast with the rest of the outfit. The more you draw attention on it the taller will you look. 

3. Wear the sweaters or coats with the buttons loosened for a special visual effect. You will obtain a neck lengthen effect by wearing blouses with “V” decolletage. 

4. Any prints or stripes must be vertical as they will make you look taller and thinner. 

5. Wear long scarves or mufflers and combine them with outfits of different colors from them. 

6. Always match the color of the stocking with the one of the shoes, skirt or trousers. 

7. Avoid wearing big, broad belts and don’t wear two long outfits in the same time. Contrasting proportions are recommended. A longer jacket looks better with a shorter skirt and a shorter jacket should be matched with a pair of trousers. 

8. Emphasize your decolletage with long necklaces and avoid wearing closed blouses at the basis of the neck and tie type accessories. 

9. Always wear longer more than larger skirts and if you are of small height make sure you also wear small prints and pockets. 

10. Choose shoes with heels of at least one cm; when it comes to a limit in this manner you can always wear big heels if you like them and if you feel comfortable. Sport shoes can also have a slope of 2-3 cm as you must look well when you are doing sport too.

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