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Men’s clothing used to be a sad affair, comprised of tiny corners in department stores and a few outrageously expensive bespoke tailors. Now, menswear arguably leads the fashion world: affordable startups are elevating basics like T-shirts and workout shorts, big-name stores are putting real effort into their men’s collections, and designers are making bold, adventurous statement pieces worthy of our hard-earned dough.

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The humble t-shirt is a staple of every man’s closet. The versatility and relative affordability of them means that they can be worn countless ways for almost any situation…except maybe for a cocktail dress code. With all that said the rules for wearing t-shirts are rather simple. Start with the basic colours like white, black, grey and navy and you’ll be able to pair them to just about anything from jackets to knitwear to blazers to collared shirts. Once you’ve nailed that you can start playing around with prints, patterns, detailing and materials to really own your personal look.